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June Brings Joy: Youth Making a Difference in Our Community

June 1
June 2

“One day I went up to my mom and I said, ‘I kinda want to make a difference, and I kinda want to help.'”

Eleven year old June York jotted the idea down in a notebook. 

Quickly- turning her words to action.

First- with animals.

“I could help with the humane society and then I started getting into it  / 2:33 I got them beds, food, and some toys for cats, dogs, treats,” says York.

Then- the homeless.

“If you just like give someone a dollar when they’re on the street, it could make a really big impact on them. Some people don’t really think what it would be like if you were sitting on the streets and begging for money. And for dogs, they don’t have stuff.”

And according to her family– her whole heart- it’s just who June really is.

June’s mother, Cara York says, “That’s a June thing for sure. Once she has something in her mind, there’s no stopping it.”

“She’s always willing to chip in and help others, that’s just her instinct,” says father, Kevin York.

Then on October 22, 2021, their lives changed forever.

“I was at a sleepover with my friends, and it was just late at night and we got terrible news…My papa died in a car accident from drunk driving and I really want to help donate for what people have gone through,” says June.

The tragedy pushing June’s efforts in a new direction.

“I try to get pop cans and people can just donate money.”

Fundraising for organizations like Students Against Destructive Decisions and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. 

“I feel like it’s really going to help because some people just really need help. Some people can’t afford counseling.”

As for what her beloved papa would think…

“I feel like he’s really proud of me. It’s just really sad because now he can never see what I’m doing.”

June shares her journey on Instagram. In hopes of spreading her message and touching more lives around the world. ( to follow.)

“I could make an impact in Traverse City, I could make an impact in Michigan, I could always make an impact any time.”

But her impact at home– already well established.

“It’s such an honor to have a sister like her. She’s such an inspiration, even though I’m the older one, I’m so proud of her,” says her older sister, Stella York.