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Better Business Bureau: Weight Loss Scams

The new year provides a fresh start for many consumers. Some may be thinking of losing the extra holiday weight, or making healthier choices in 2022. But, the desire to get in shape or lose weight fast creates a risk of being deceived by products that do not work as advertised. The Better Business Bureau Serving Western Michigan cautions consumers to avoid losing money when trying to lose weight. 

Tips to avoid weight loss scams:
  • Always be wary of advertisements and customer endorsements promising “miracle” results or immediate weight loss. There is no such thing as a ‘secret ingredient’ or ‘breakthrough formula’ that can result in weight loss virtually overnight. Be especially skeptical of claims that you don’t have to give up unhealthy foods or reduce the amount you consume. Note the typical weight loss is often significantly less than the testimonial shown in the advertisement.
  • Research the company with  &  before purchasing. Read reviews about the company to see if there are any complaints alleging that it’s a scam.
  • Check a product’s ingredients with the FDA. Be suspicious of taking special pills, powders or herbs. Some products have been recalled for containing ingredients with potentially dangerous effects. Check the list of .
  • A lack of an ingredients list is a red flag. 
  • Be wary of free trial offers and understand all the terms and conditions. These deals can become “subscription traps” that hook consumers into expensive shipments of products they did not agree to buy.
Go to  to look up a business, file a complaint, or write a customer review. Check  to research and report scams. 
For more tips to have a successful start to 2022, check out the BBB’s