Munson Healthcare Sees Decrease in Covid Patients Over Holidays, Cases Expected to Spike

Covid-19 testing was the big topic from Munson Healthcare in their weekly update on Tuesday.

The health system says they’ve seen an increase in people getting tested.

Munson Medical Center“We have been asking people if they have any symptoms at all to please get tested,” said Munson Healthcare Chief Medical Officer Dr. Christine Nefcy.

The healthcare system says the percent positivity rate in the state of Michigan is high.

The 14 day average is 25.8%, while the daily average on Jan. 2 was 32.9%.

Munson’s comparing those numbers to what they’re seeing regionally. Northern Michigan’s 14 day average is 15.6%, and the daily average on Jan. 2 was 17.6%, which means, to them, cases are going back up.

“What we know about Omicron specifically, and even with Delta, but Omicron specifically, is that it’s highly contagious,” said Dr. Nefcy.

Dr. Nefcy says right now, downstate has some of the highest positivity rates in the state.

“When you have a denser population, more people closer together, it’s more likely to spread— and faster — in that kind of situation,” she said.

Munson has also seen more people getting tested, even after the holidays.

“We are seeing sick people, we’re seeing more people with symptoms,” said Dr. Nefcy. “We’re not only in a pandemic, it’s also flu season, it’s also RSV season.”

Dr. Nefcy says people who may have been exposed to Covid should follow guidelines on getting tested.

“It’s usually several days after you’ve had your exposure so that you know your body’s having a response or not,” she said. “Just because you know somebody who was exposed, doesn’t mean that you should go immediately to get a test.”

While there was a lull in Covid-19 patients in the hospital over the holidays, Munson says things will be ramping up.

“We had a little bit of a respite for Christmas and New Years,” said Dr. Nefcy. “As of today, we are actually starting to see it trend back up, and we are still quite busy.”

Dr. Nefcy says there’s still concerned people have between building immunity from getting Covid and getting the Covid vaccine.

“We do hear a lot about people concerned that we don’t emphasize enough that you can become immune by having coronavirus naturally,” she said. “While that may be true, we also understand that there is high risk of getting that disease so it is so much more safe to get vaccinated against coronavirus than to have coronavirus.”

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