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Mt. Pleasant Staple, ‘Super Car Guy’ Jim Sisson Passes at Age 76

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A staple of the Mt. Pleasant community passed this week as Jim ‘Super Car Guy’ Sisson passed away at the age of 76.

Sisson owned multiple car dealerships in Isabella County over the past 40 years and he and his wife also owned a collision shop.

He was known as the Super Car Guy, which he used in his advertisements for his dealership, Heritage Chrysler, getting the moniker from his friends in the Optimist Club.

That’s where he spent much of his time, energy and money outside of work, helping the community, especially children.

“He was a big believer in, if there is a way to allow kids to have them focus on their school, a job would come secondary to that,” said Jamie DeKelaita, his daughter, “Wherever somebody needed that, he would put for his resources and financial contributions and his time to mentor people.”

A private family memorial service will be held on January 7th.

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