LSSU Releases List of Banished Words for 2021

The results are in for this year’s Banished Words List from Lake Superior State University.

Each year, LSSU accepts submissions for the most misused, overused and useless words of the year.

They say they received over 1,250 nominations in 2021.

Here are the top 10 words and phrases people want left behind in the coming year.

  1. Supply chain

This one became a buzzword for product shortages and late packages at the end of 2021.

  1. You’re on mute

Anyone on a Zoom call during the pandemic has probably said or heard this one.

  1. New normal

Maybe the “new normal” in 2022 will be using this phrase less.

  1. Deep dive

As someone pointed out, you can’t really dive into something that isn’t deep.

  1. Circle back

One grammarian says this is “The most overused phrase in business, government, or other organization since ‘synergy’.”

  1. Asking for a friend

There’s no fooling anyone…we all know the friend is you.

  1. That being said

Save yourself some time and use “however” or “but” instead.

  1. At the end of the day

LSSU says this phrase was banned back in 1999, but it’s still being used to this day.

  1. No worries

It’s used in place of “you’re welcome,” but you probably shouldn’t be doing favors that make you worried.

  1. Wait, what?

Used in text and on social media, this year’s top banned phrase is used to express confusion without doing anything to clear it up.