Lake County Standoff Ends With Suspect In Custody

A man is in custody after an hours long standoff in Lake County’s Webber Township early Friday morning.

Lake County Sheriff Rich Martin says Thursday night around 10 p.m., a man entered an apartment with two women inside, waving a gun.

One of the women had an active personal protection order on the man.

An argument began, which lead into the parking lot. As the man was leaving, a round was fired in the direction of one of the women. Majestic Pines Apartments

“I was just hoping everybody was okay,” says Santana Vanbuskirk, who was staying in an apartment adjacent to where the altercation occurred.

The incident led to a standoff a few miles down the road in Webber Township, outside of Baldwin.

“At 4:30 in the morning, I just woke up to a loud noise, a bang,” says Dwinetta Webb, a neighbor to the suspect. “You could hear traffic was kind of heavy. My window was open so I could hear a little bit and looked out the window and just saw the street was lined with police cars.”

Suspects HouseWebb says she heard what sounded like grenades going off every 30 minutes during the standoff.

“[A] loud bang, like a warning shot,” she says. “Then there was small, crackling pops that would sound like a small handgun, but I don’t know if it was just something that the police were doing to get them to come out.”

She was worried about her two teenage sons who were sleeping in the house while the standoff continued.

“I’m just glad that no one was hurt,” Webb says. No one was injured in the shooting or in the standoff.

Sheriff Martin says in situations where the person has barricaded themselves they do everything they can to resolve the issue peacefully.


“We do everything we can for peaceful end to any incident like this, so as it went on for the most of the morning and last night, we did have a peaceful outcome and nobody was injured,” says Martin. “The sounds that were heard, I believed to be flash bangs that are used from the response team to try to persuade or coax the individual of leaving whatever residence, that room that they’re in at the time.”

Newaygo Area Emergency Response Team and Mason-Oceana SWAT team assisted in the response to the incident.

Around 10 a.m., after hours of negotiation, the suspect gave up and went into custody.

“At this time. We are not looking at any other suspects,” says Sheriff Rich Martin. “The investigation is ongoing, so we can’t put out at this time exactly what took place. But we have made the determination that there was only one subject that was involved in the altercation.”