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New Early Childhood Education Program Coming to NE Michigan

A new early childhood education program is coming to Northeast Michigan.

The Walters Family Foundation has partnered with to bring the Waterford Upstart Program to families in Alpena, Alcona, Montmorency and Presque Isle Counties.

The program allows for children who are entering kindergarten to be provided with tools, such as educational games and reading, that will prepare the child for early education.

The funding by the Walters Family Foundation has made it so that the program is possible at no cost for families, and the program will provide free laptop computers and internet access, as well as family coaches.

“In actuality, if a child doesn’t already have some of these foundational rules set, they are starting behind their peers, and so even if a family is not using our program, we truly encourage parents to get that foundation set,” said Kim Fischer, National Spokesperson for

For more information about the program and registration,

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