Hook & Hunting: State Sees Increase in Hunting, Fishing License Purchases

Interest in time-honored outdoor activities remains high this year.

Hunting and fishing license sales kept pace and sometimes even surpassed 2020 numbers. Last year’s numbers showed a sharp increase in sales due to the pandemic and brought an influx of new hunters, especially women and youth.

The Michigan Wildlife Council says that if the trend continues, it will mean more money for conservation efforts and the economy. It also has added benefits of helping the public overall.

“We’re using the resource and we’re also using the management tool to make sure that those resources are healthy for generations, but we’re also helping wildlife and helping Michiganders enjoy the outdoors,” said Nick Buggia, Michigan Wildlife Council Chair.

The hunting and fishing industry has provided 171,000 jobs annually and an $11.2 billion economic impact on the state, according to a 2019 study.

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