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The Soo’s Sleigh Bell Scavenger Hunt Ends this Weekend

Scavenger Hunt Ssm Sotvo

Last December, the Sault Ste. Marie City Parks & Recreation Department held its inaugural . It was a big hit, to say the least. This year is expected to be as popular because of the date change. It ends on January 2.

“This year, we ran it a little bit longer so they could enjoy it while they were off for Christmas Break and the clues are posted on the City of Sault Ste Marie’s Facebook Page,” says the organizer of the scavenger hunt, Trisha Kiczinski.  “It starts off with the first clue from there, each clue will lead you to the next location in the parks.  And the final Rudolph’s sleigh bell is the final clue and that is where you submit the photo in the prize drawing.”

The top prize will be drawn on January 5, which is a season pass to the Sault Recreation Area – with additional prizes drawn as well.

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