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PoWeR! Book Bags Empowering Children One Book At A Time

, located in Suttons Bay, partners with elementary schools all over the region. Most recently, they completed their “School Vacation Literacy Give-Away” program, where they give away books and supplies to students to use over holiday break.

Just because students are out of school for the holidays, doesn’t mean the learning stops. PoWeR! Book Bags is hoping to prove that.

“They were able to choose a book to take home, to keep and read,” said Kara Gregory, Founder of PoWeR! Book Bags. “And a writing book, so they could write stories, so they could explore the world that’s in the print, and the world in their mind. They could create some stories and write them down.”

 Not only is their goal to educate students while bringing a little joy, it’s much dropped than that. 

“Our mission actually, is to increase children’s experiences with languages, literacy, and human interaction… so that they can better understand themselves, communicate with other’s, and with the world,” Gregory said.

 Working as a child development professor at Michigan State University for many years, Gregory said she based her entire organization around the research of children and reading. 

“Oh my heavens. The sky is the limit when the children have more print materials at home,” she said. “We aren’t just changing their world right now, the research shows that the more print materials in the home, we change the culture of the family.”

 She said it’s been a privilege being able to give away free, new books to children, especially to ones in need.

There’s often jumping, excitement, giggling… children will pick the books up and they will immediately flop on the floor and just start reading. It’s one of the most amazing things,” she said.