State Attorneys General Want More Help For Homeowners With Mortgages

21 state attorneys general, including Michigan’s Dana Nessel, are calling on the federal government to make sure people can pay their mortgages during the pandemic.

The group, led by the D.C. attorney general, says there are major failures in federal programs meant to help homeowners restructure their mortgages.

They say several lenders approved by the Federal Housing Administration have not put in place COVID-19 programs they are required to offer.

FHA-insured lenders had to implement those programs by Oct. 21 of this year, but Nessel and other attorneys general say those companies have failed to do so.

The letter sent to the FHA calls on them to make sure lenders they approve are offering the required programs.

It was signed by attorneys general from Michigan, the District of Columbia, and 19 other states.

You can read the full letter here.

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