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Santa Claus Hits The Slopes With Kids And Their Families On Christmas Eve

To celebrate the holidays, Santa geared up and hits the slopes with families from all over, something Crystal Mountain does every year.

“This is the holidays,” said Sammie Lukaskiewicz, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Crystal Mountain. “To be able to come out and ski with your family, or snowboard, or learn to ski, or just spend time… has really been something that I think everybody has been looking forward to, especially this year.”

Before Santa heads out with his reindeer to deliver presents tonight, he, of course, had to do a few runs on the slopes at the resort.

“It’s going to be a long night, long night of work,” said Santa. “It’s been a long year of work… everybody’s got to recreate, got to get turns in before I got to go to work today.”

Each year, Santa teams up with the resort to ski with kids and their families.

“We think a lot in terms of ‘things’ for Christmas, and I think for this year it’s really about feelings, moments, and memories,” said Lukaskiewicz. “People are certainly taking advantage of that year.”

Santa said he hoped to interact with a bunch of kids and their families, while also assessing their skiing. “Maybe they’re on the naughty list, good turns get you to the nice list. Skiing safe, wearing helmets,” he said.

While Santa got some runs in, the reindeer and Mrs. Claus were also taken care of.

“Reindeer, were all set,” said Santa. “Crystal Mountain did a great job; they’re over by the spa. Misses is over on the black diamond someplace, so I got to get back on the hill and find her.”

Crystal Mountain said it’s great to expose a lot of people to safe, outdoor recreation; while also getting outside, doing something fun and healthy in a fun environment.