Ludington Police Dept. Warns of New Scam

The Ludington Police Department is warning residents about a new scam.

According to Captain Steve Wietrzykowski of the Ludington Police Department, the scammer is using his name to tell Michiganders that their children involved in drugs.

The scammer tells individuals, “my men found the pot with your relative’s name on it,” and gives a phone number for that person to call.

“This is not me,” wrote Captain Wietrzykowski in a post on Facebook. “What makes it all the more convincing is that they spelled my last name correctly. If your family member was involved in drugs I would call you directly from the police department or you would get an in-person visit from one of our men (or women) in uniform.”

Captain Wietrzykowski notes that if any residents receive a similar message, they can call Mason-Oceana Dispatch at 231-869-5858, or call him Tuesday at the Ludington Police Department at 231-843-3425.