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The One Up XP Show

One Up XP Show Podcast: Stay Plugged In

Many kids may want to get involved or head down the Esports road. Many parents might not understand Esports and might even think that esports is a waste of time. Stay Plugged In is resource to help kids and parents alike get where they need to go. For the kids it gets them in front of recruiting eyeballs. For the parents it helps them understand and see what the Esports field is all about.

Rick Suarez, the Managing Director for Stay Plugged In, has been in the same shoes as many parents when it comes to the “what are Esports” and “why do you want to pursue pursue it” questions. A great story in itself but Rick being of the traditional sport background researched and saw what esports was all about. He took a very common tool from traditional sports and is implementing it in the esports world to help kids and parents!

For more information on Stay Plugged In you can head to their website: and check out how they can help you. Parents, Rick is at the helm 24/7 so if you have questions for him I am sure he can help. Listen to the podcast listen to the amazing amounts of info Rick has for us all!

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