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Local Nonprofit Helps Teen Parents This Christmas

“,” a nonprofit youth organization in Grand Traverse County, is working extra hard to make Christmas special for teen parents this year.  

Toiletries, winter clothes, and just everyday household items are things many people don’t think about not being able to find or afford, but those items are at the top of the Christmas list for many teen parents.

“Seeing the sense of relief on our families faces when they know Christmas is taken care of for their children, that their kids have boots, socks, underwear. It’s just heartwarming,” said Kaili Dohm-Caron, Operations Coordinator for “Generations Ahead.”

It’s a problem “Generations Ahead” knew they had to address with their annual holiday program.

“We’ve distributed so many so far and I cannot tell you the look of joy on their faces when they come in. They’re just blown away,” said Dohm-Caron.

The organization and donors provided gifts to 35 families throughout Northern Michigan this year.  The families were adopted by other families, offices, churches and schools. 

“Our community pulled together and adopted these families for us and blew us away with their generosity,” said Dohm-Caron. “Our families have been so, so appreciative.”

“Generations Ahead” is always looking for donations, no matter the time of the year.

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