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Cadillac Artist Starts Nonprofit After Noticing A Need

A local artist is working to bring the creative community together, after noticing a need for more art. Charlotte Art is the curator of the Cadillac Art Society, a nonprofit organization that supports local artists, musicians and local business owners.

“Our goal is to provide art to the community,” she said. “We have so many artists that are just quietly at home, who are not providing our beautiful work to the world, just because they don’t know how… and I am here to help them do that.”

 Her organization hosts an “Art Walk” at the Raven Social in Cadillac, every third Saturday of the month. It gives artists a chance to showcase their work, while connecting with the community and potential buyers. 

Their third “Art Walk” is this Saturday and is holiday themed, just in time for Christmas.

“We have a collective group of people that come from all different kinds of backgrounds,” Art said. I think it’s just a nice place to get together and celebrate everybody, and where we come from… and wear Santa hats because they’re fun and children love Santa hats.”

 However, the Cadillac Art Society isn’t the only art organization in Cadillac. Charlotte says there’s an age gap between different generations, artists, and organizations. One she’s trying to close. 

“I want to fill in the blanks of that gap,” she said. There’s a lot here in this community, and there’s that age gap, that voice difference of what they did then, and what they do now.

 She says in many ways, her group and others all play on the same team. 

“When you’re a small fish in a big pond, it’s hard to be seen and that’s what I am hoping we’ll do in the process of Art Walk.”

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