Brewvine: St. Ambrose Cellars

For nearly two years St. Ambrose Cellars has been building a beautiful new addition on their tasting room.

And because it’s such a big part of their DNA, they’ve created a great space for live musical performances.

“We built this out, we have guitars hanging on the wall and banjos, and we have a lot of musicians coming in. So it’s kind of a cultural center for our local music community and also for our local neighbors to come out and relax in the evening. And the summer just blows up with our guests from all around the state and in the surrounding areas,” said Kirk Jones, Owner and Founder of St. Ambrose Cellars

“We’re really excited to see all the regulars back in town and get our musicians some winter gigs that we weren’t able to do last year,” said Aaron Dexter, Marketing Director.

The St. Ambrose expansion includes a new kitchen which will be followed closely by some new menu items.

“We’re going to be expanding that food menu as the winter goes along, you know, because we’ve added some equipment now that we’re not just in the truck, you know, we’ll have ovens. So we’re hoping to add like salads, maybe a fish fry just to larger menu in general,” said Jones.

With a wide selection of beer, wine, cider, and mead, St. Ambrose Cellars has something for every taste.

Their newest creation called “castaway” will help cure any case of the winter blues.

“It is a coconut and pineapple “cyser”, so that’s a honey and apple combination. And then we add the coconut and pineapple flavor. It’s kind of like a pina colada style drink. It’s been pretty popular so far. We’ve got that in the bottles, cans and on tap,” said Dexter.

St. Ambrose Cellars is hoping to have the venue’s new addition fully up and running very soon.

“We are looking forward to getting everybody back indoors in the winter. We don’t have to stay out in the porch anymore, and now we can spend our winters playing music indoors and we can have a nice kitchen to take care of us and satisfy all our culinary needs. And our staff is elated. And I personally am. We’re really proud to finish this project,” said Jones.

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