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Health in Focus: Kyphoplasty

The Four: Health In Focus: Dr. Jagannathan Neurosurgery Continues To Provide Quality Care Through The Pandemic

Depending on your health, you may be at a higher risk for minor bone fractures. In this edition of ‘Health in Focus’, we talk with  from  about spinal compression fractures and kyphoplasty.

“This kind of fracture involves the vertebrae vertebral body that’s between the discs, and it stores most of the load when somebody gets up,” said Dr. Jagannathan. “What happens in patients, particularly older patients and those with cancer, or any kind of condition that affects the bone, the vertebrae get weaker, and can fracture very easily”. The situations that may cause this fracture include falling, or other trauma. He also mentioned that even twisting the wrong way while reaching for something, or getting up could cause it to fracture. “When the fracture occurs, a lot of times they’ll feel a sudden onset of back pain, and it’s extremely severe”.

There are minimally invasive treatments available, like kyphoplasty Dr. Jagannathan said that’s “where we inject a little bit of glue into the fracture, which can work very well for pain and it takes probably about 10 to 15 minutes to do”.

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