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Two Roscommon County Dams Will be Removed to Restore Natural Waterways

Roscommon Dam 1
Roscommon Dam 2

The Michigan DNR will be removing a pair of DNR-owned dams in Roscommon County this winter and next spring to restore the waterways’ natural water flow.

The DNR will remove the Little Mud Dam on Backus Creek and Denton Creek Dam on Denton Creek structures. A recent inspection found that water-control structures for both dams are in need of extensive upgrades.

“The Wildlife Division is responsible for many water-control structures similar to these dams. They can be very expensive to repair, replace and maintain over time,” said Keith Fisher, DNR wildlife biologist. “When we have an opportunity to restore habitat to its natural setting in addition to saving maintenance dollars for other projects, it is a win-win for all involved.”

Water levels at the Little Mud Dam have been drawn down, and construction to remove the dam is set to begin this winter. During construction, access to the area will be restricted.  

The removal of the Denton Lake Dam will likely begin in the spring of 2022. The water levels near the dam will be reduced and access to the area will be restricted while construction is occurring. After the dam has been removed, area access will be altered, as some of the existing trail’s infrastructure will be removed.  

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