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Fentanyl-Laced Marijuana Causes Concern for Health Experts

A case of fentanyl laced marijuana has been found in Connecticut, raising concerns about it’s arrival in Michigan.

There haven’t been any confirmed cases in the state yet, but Dr. Tressa Gardner claims it’s only a matter of time.

Gardner said when word gets around about a new drug, it can quickly spread around the country.

Fentanyl can be very dangerous even when taken in smaller doses as it can quickly stop breathing and then, eventually, the heart due to lack of oxygen.

“Fentanyl causes that to happen much more quicker and with less drug,” said Dr. Gardner. “It just takes a small amount of fentanyl and you can knock out your respiratory drive and cause yourself to go into cardiac arrest.”

While it’s used by medical professionals and the marijuana business is highly regulated, that doesn’t mean it can’t be found on the streets.

“When you get fentanyl in the streets, it’s made by a non-chemist person that’s not predicting–not controlling the amount that’s going in there and that’s where the trouble comes in,” said Dr. Gardner. “You never know what you’re getting when you’re buying street drugs and that’s what kills people.”

There have been eight suspected cases of fentanyl laced marijuana in Michigan but no overdose deaths.

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