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Pfizer Says Vaccine Is Weaker Against Omicron But Booster Helps

Promo Image: Pfizer Opens Study of Omicron Specific COVID-19 Shot

South African scientists are starting to learn more about the COVID-19 Omicron variant that was first detected there.

They are finding that Pfizer’s vaccine isn’t very effective against the new strain, according to their early data.

But Pfizer announced Wednesday morning that their booster shot will provide increased protection against Omicron.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says early data shows Omicron to be highly contagious and has a higher probability of re-infecting people.

He says even though symptoms of this strain don’t appear to be severe, it is still too early to make many solid conclusions.

Public health officials continue to stress the importance of getting vaccinated.

As of now, one quarter of Americans have still not gotten their first dose.