Thief Steals Family Train Collection Off Christmas Tree in Cheboygan

While a display of Christmas trees on Main Street in Cheboygan is bringing many the cheer of the holidays, one person in particular is feeling sad and disappointed.

Sara Johnston decorated the tree she sponsored with model trains that her late father Merle Morway had collected over the years.

When Johnston returned to her tree one day, she found that someone had taken every single one.Merle

Johnston says she just wanted to bring something special to downtown Cheboygan since her father was well recognized, and was a firefighter at two departments in the area.

“He knew so many people who I knew would appreciate those,” said Johnston. “Even if they didn’t like trains to the same level he did, they like my dad and they appreciated him. I just thought it would make a lot of people happy to see those trains out there.”

Police are investigating, but Johnston hopes the person responsible will return the trains on their own.