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Christmas Trees Line Up and Down Main Street in Cheboygan for Second Year

Christmas Ornaments

Last year, 30 trees were sponsored by those in Cheboygan. But this time around, there are 42 trees for the Light Up Local program.

For $50, anyone could set up their own tree on Main Street, and many of them were the downtown businesses.

“There’s a big variety.” said Katie Duczkowski, Cheboygan Main Street DDA interim director. “Everything from very traditional, holiday décor, to the one we’re standing in front of here. It was decorated with favorite pet photos. Some of them have discount coupons from some of the local businesses.”

One of those businesses is Master Repairs, a phone and tablet repair shop. Owner Tim Dowling said he managed to get his tree on time thanks to a friend.

“He said ‘man there’s like two left and one of them is right in front of your parking lot’,” said Dowling. “I had no idea what was going on and so immediately I sent my son down there so I could make arrangements to get that spot and get that tree.”

There’s also another tree a part of the program: the giving tree at Washington Park.

Residents are encouraged to leave an item there or, if you’re in need, pick one up.

“There have been everything from kids bikes to clothes, food, warm blankets. So check it out here at Washington Park,” said Duczkowski.

As for the Christmas trees on Main Street, they only get better when it gets dark.

“It’s gorgeous at night time,” said Duczkowski. “When you drive down Main S3treet you can really see the glow of local. IT’s just really cool to see all the creative decorations and gives you that warm and cozy small town feel.”