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Petoskey Sees First Big Snowfall of the Season, Caution Urged for Drivers

Ice 1

Tow truck drivers had one of their busiest days of the year on Monday as drivers kept finding themselves on the side of the road.

A lot of the time, drivers fail to spot black ice.

“Black ice is the worst. You can’t see it, hence the reason you want to go slow,” said Dan Warner, owner of Harbor Springs Car Care. “When there’s icy roads, black ice is the worst so give yourself extra stopping distance.”

At Harbor Springs Car Care, they’ve been busy all day.

“Just everyone is getting used to the weather again,” said Warner. “Happens every year and the first snow is always the worst and too fast for conditions is usually the most common.” 

Besides failing to see black ice, a lot of drivers don’t slow down when they need to or give themselves enough space between other cars.

“A lot of times people people say ‘well the road was icy or was too snowy and that’s why we were in the ditch’,” said Lt. Derrick Carroll of Michigan State Police. “Well, the reason you went into the ditch is because you were traveling too fast for the conditions and the conditions of your vehicle.”

The safest thing to do if you do find yourself in an accident is to remain in the car.

“As always we recommend they keep a cell phone charged with them, motorists, and have a wreck service to call if they get stuck in a ditch,” said Lt. Carroll. “Please, if you do end find yourself in a crash or in a ditch, stay in your vehicle and call for help. That’s the safest place to be.”