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Grant Me Hope: Aiyanna

All the world’s an escape for Aiyanna, who dreams of traveling the four corners of the earth. Or, “Anywhere outside of Michigan. I love going new places,” says Aiynanna, whose travel itinerary certainly would be full since she has a lot of interests. Her favorite stops along the way would include parks and zoos, petting or wild ones since Aiyanna loves animals and her favorites are horses, dogs, cats and dolphins. A pizzeria would be another appropriate stop since a hot cheese pie with mushrooms, pepperoni, ham and peppers is her favorite food. When she gets back home from her roundtrip, Aiyanna would love to chill by playing games and watching TV and YouTube videos. The next day might be filled with riding bikes around the neighborhood, kicking a soccer ball on a field, shooting hoops on a basketball court, and playing with Barbies in her room. My Little Pony is another big interest for Aiyanna, who dreams of becoming a princess and owning a horse. Aiyanna also likes being creative and enjoys coloring, painting, and doing arts and crafts. Instead of art, her favorite subject in school is history. When she gets older, Aiyanna wants to become a pet sitter or teacher. After becoming a member of a future forever family, Aiyanna says she wants to go traveling with them and fulfill some of the dreams on her wish list.

One of the adults close to her describes Aiyanna as kind, friendly and loving. “She cares a lot about others. Aiyanna loves receiving attention, yet she can entertain herself as well.”

A patient and loving forever family would make a great match for Aiyanna, who would do best with a single female parent. Aiyanna also would do best as the only or youngest child in her new home. Her new parent should be experienced and trauma-informed as well as able to make sure Aiyanna gets the attention and services she needs to flourish. Finally, this animal lover would thrive in a family that has pets.

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