City of Cadillac Receives $524,056 Grant for Drinking Water Assessment

The City of Cadillac is working to ensure the drinking water is safe.

They recently got a grant for more than $500,000 for drinking water assessment. It will will help fund a project to take inventory of what types of pipes are in the water system.

A year ago, the City of Cadillac submitted a report to the state estimating what types of pipes are in the system based on old records.

The grant money will help confirm their report.

“Over the years, I think we have gotten all the lead pipes out of the City of Cadillac, but you never know. We’re human, and we could’ve missed one,” said Jeff Dietlin, City of Cadillac Utilities Director. “This will allow us to take a broad sample of our system, 10% of our system.”

If the City of Cadillac finds any lead service pipes, they will have to replace them from the city main to the home.