City of Cadillac Council Looks To Expand Licensing for Marijuana Grow Facilities

The City of Cadillac is looking to expand marijuana licenses to more than just retail.

On Monday night during the Cadillac City Council meeting, a public hearing was held to discuss more licensing.

“We recognize the importance of also accommodating the more industrial type uses, such as growing facilities,” said Marcus Peccia, Cadillac City Manager.

The facilities would only be allowed in the industrial zones in Cadillac.

“This is a growing industry, and it’s highly regulated by the state, and I think it’s something we should do here,” said Tiyi Schippers, Cadillac City Council Member and Mayor Pro-Tem.

However, not everyone agrees.

One community member who spoke during the public hearing said having a large facility in Cadillac growing marijuana gives the youth the idea that it’s a perfectly benign drug for them.

Cadillac City Council members voted in favor of allowing unlimited licenses for marijuana grow facilities.

The city council says unlimited licenses because facilities need to obtain several licenses in order to have a successful marijuana grow facility.

A public hearing is set for Dec. 20th to address zoning changes regarding marijuana grow facilities.