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11-Year Old Collects Cans to Buy Bikes for ‘Bikes for Tikes’

11 Year Old Collects Cans To Buy Bikes For 'bikes For Tikes'
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For 11-year old Piper Shumar, biking is more than just a lifelong passion, it’s a project.

Shumar started “Piper’s Project: This Girl Can,” back in 2018.

She collects cans to purchase and build bikes to donate to

“I was born with a non-functioning colon and I always used to bike to fight off the pain and it was one thing that I could always look forward to,” Shumar said. “So that’s just something that I’ve had with me since I was really little.”

Her father, George Shumar, says her goal amount keeps on growing every year.

“It started with two bikes, and then she was going to do 10 the next year and it ended up being 100 and some bikes, and then she was going to do 100 the next year and it was 217,” Shumar said.

By being involved with Norte and competing often, Piper has become very well-known throughout the community.

“She’s a go-getter, she likes to do it,” Shumar said. “The first year that she did the bikes on her own, she went to shop with the parents.”

Piper’s crew assembled around 115 bikes today, but she plans to keep buying more before Christmas.

“Biking is something that you don’t really have been trained for or be perfect at it,” Shumar said. “You just have to go out and have fun and so I feel like it’s something fun to look forward to for Christmas.”

Piper is collecting returnables at her drop off site at Timber Ridge RV and Recreation Resort.

You can also send donations through her account.