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Man Charged with Making Terrorist Threats Against Charlevoix County Employees

An Atlanta man has been convicted of making terroristic threats towards Charlevoix County employees, as well as malicious use of an electric communication device.

On June 10, Jonathon Stewart, 33, of Atlanta, MI, made four separate phone calls to the Cheboygan County building, and at one point threatened to come and start shooting.

Even though Stewart was in Atlanta, Montmorency County deputies arrived at his home within the hour.

The Charlevoix County Prosecuting Attorney said because it was a threat against government employees, that’s what makes it a terroristic threat.

“What the statute requires is for it to be considered a threat of terrorism that you’re either threatening a civilian population or you’re doing something that is designed to affect the conduct of government,” said.

Stewart is expected to receive sentencing in the next month and, because of six prior felonies, he’ll be sentenced as a habitual offender which carries the maximum of life in prison.