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Chippewa Hills School District Closed Friday

Chippewa Hills School District announced Thursday that they will be closed Friday.

This comes after the school district published a letter to parents and students on Facebook that talks about a mass email that had been sent to their HS and IS students containing vulgar language.

According to Chippewa Hills, “While the message itself did not make any threats of harm, it certainly can be interpreted to be threatening based on the content and manner of presentation. In addition, with the recent current events that have occurred in our state it cannot be taken lightly.”

Chippewa Hills stated in the letter that they have their technology department assisting in working to find the source of the email, and possibly the sender.

Additionally, they say they have contacted their liaison officer from the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office, and will have police presence at the school Friday to ensure a safe environment for students.

The full letter from Chippewa Hills School District is available to read below: