USPS Prepping for Busy Holiday Season

The Christmas season is one of the busiest times of year for U.S. Postal workers, and they’re expecting nothing less this year.

Img 7146“Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the Postal Service anticipates that we’re going to deliver 12 billion pieces of letters, cards and packages,” said USPS Communications Specialist Elizabeth Najduch.

USPS says last year, they delivered 48% more packages than in previous years.

“Everybody shops online so we have to be prepared for package delivery,” said Najduch.

They’re expecting even more deliveries this year, especially with more people shopping online.

“We have hired seasonally 40,000 more employees nationwide,” said Najduch. “We’ve also converted 63,000 employees to career positions.”

USPS has some tips to better ship your packages.

They’re encouraging people to ship packages and mail earlier rather than later.

“The longer you wait, the fewer options you have to get your package delivered on time,” said Najduch.

Najduch says to make sure your present is wrapped in bubble wrap  or extra paper to avoid shifting in the package, and keep batteries separate from toys or gifts that require them.

“Make sure that your address is outside on the package and include something inside the package,” said Najduch. “If for some reason, the outside address gets torn up, knowing what’s inside the package, we may be able to deliver it to the customer.”

Najduch also encourages people to have a plan in place to pick up your package.

“If you anticipate that you’re not going to be home and you’re expecting a package, you can always go to our website to redirect your package to be delivered at a later time,” she said. “Maybe let a neighbor know that you’re not going toe home and they can take the package for you.”

USPS is still looking for workers for the holiday season. To look at the available jobs, you can head to their website here.