Pellston Schools Talks Security After Deadly Oxford Shooting

A sinking fund passed by voters in the summer has allowed Pellston schools to add many upgrades to their security system, making their children safer from possible outside threats.

“All our exterior doors are locked at all times,” said Stephen Seelye, Pellston Schools superintendent. “Visitors have to go through front entrances and part of that security upgrade is we installed access devices in all the districts. Staff members have to have a key card or they can open the district with an app on their phone.”

They also have cameras set up around their district buildings that give live feeds to the Emmet County Sheriff’s Office and Dispatch Center.

“They can see pretty much the entire inside and almost a 360 of the outside based on all the different cameras,” said Brittany Francis, School Resource Officer and Deputy with the Emmet County Sheriff’s Office. “So they can actually tell us where in the school this person might be, what door we need to go to to get the quickest access to where we need to go.”Arms Crossed

The Sheriff’s Office is always ready to respond to any emergency at the school as well as other departments.

“You’re gonna have Michigan State Police that are going to come from here, from Otsego County where they also have a post,” said Dep. Francis. “You’re gonna have Harbor Springs City, Petoskey City, you’re going to have Emmet County, you’re gonna have Charlevoix, Cheboygan. We might even get Mackinac County, Mackinaw City Police.”

The school also hold multiple active assailant drills throughout the year to make sure their staff and students are prepared.