How Local Law Enforcement, First Responders Prepare for Violent Situations in Schools

Local law enforcement and schools train for any case scenario, and the Leelanau County Emergency Manager says they do full-scale exercises every year.

Sit Training PhotoIn August, area Police, Fire, EMS, Sheriff, and Emergency Management conducted their full-scale training at three Leelanau County schools.

The training was for different, violent situations at school, including a school shooting situation.

“Situations are going to differ with whatever takes place,” said Leelanau County Director of Emergency Management and 911 Matt Ansorge. “We want to bring that into the fold in order to have all of our first responders be able to react, as well as school administration and staff.”

Ansorge said this training helps first responders, and people in the school, practice how they would respond.

“A lot of what we see is in line with what we practice here,” he said. “That’s good to hear, and we’ll take what we can from that and improve what we can.”

Ansorge said they’ve been looking at how the shooting was handled yesterday in Oxford, and what they might need to change in their local response plans and training.

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