Good Reads at Your Local Library: Give the Gift of Education and Imagination this Holiday Season

Giving the gift of education this holiday season is one of the best things you could do for your child. Your local library can help you do just that. We caught up with the youth librarian from51zlcva3crl Sx258 Bo1204203200 Houghton Lake Public Library, Kiel Stevens to learn more about their STEM-based books and educational reads.

Here are her top picks:

Kitchen Cabinet Science Projects by Dr. Michelle Dickinson – This book has 50 different experiments that parents can do with their kids only using common household ingredients. It gives step-by-step instructions and discusses the science behind the experiments and results.  It’s written by an actual scientist and educator as well.

The Lego Ideas Book by Daniel Lipkowitz – There are multiple “Lego” books by this author. This one has over 500 ideas for things that people can make out of Legos. It’s not an instruction guide- it doesn’t give you step by step directions on how to make the ideas- rather, it gives the readers a concept, shows them some materials they may need, gives them points to consider or helpful ideas to use when building, and then prompts them to use critical thinking and imagination to build their own creation.

Create Crazy Stop Motion Videos by Thomas Kingsley Troupe – This is a great beginner’s guide to creating stop motion films.  It covers everything from creating a script and storyboard, to filming, lighting, and editing.  It really breaks things down in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner.  A lot of people are now incorporating the arts into STEM work and redubbing it STEAM.

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