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Communities Around Oxford Show Support After School Shooting

After three students were killed and eight others, including a teacher, were injured in a shooting at Oakland County’s Oxford High School Tuesday, communities around Oxford are stepping up and helping out.

This includes Lake Orion, the next town over from Oxford.

“I was at lunch and got word that our fire department was responding to a mutual aid request in Oxford,” Said Chris Barnett, Lake Orion Township Supervisor. “I immediately realized it was at the high school and talked to our fire chief, and he let me know it was going on. I just started instinctively driving north to see if there’s anything we could do to assist.”

Barnett went to the Meijer Parking lot in Oxford, where students were evacuating.

“It was a scene out of a movie. The police support there was like nothing I’ve ever seen. There was probably every Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputy that was working on the scene,” said Barnett. “They were literally stopping every car like it was the border checkpoint asking if there were students in the car writing their names down and things like that. Obviously, their goal was to account for every student.

For the surrounding communities, it’s now about being there for their neighbors.

“I think that’s the biggest thing right now is as a community and communities, we really need to come together, support each other, hug our kids,” said Barnett. “The kids that heard and saw things today that they should never see are going to need a lot of support.”

A vigil was held on Tuesday night at Kensington Church’s Lake Orion Campus.

“It’s a time where so many people are looking for answers or searching for comfort. It just felt like one of the things we could do at this moment is just be together,” said Justin Warns, Pastor at Kensington.

Kensington Church says they’re also working with counselors in the Metro Detroit area to help those who are grieving.