Chippewa County Sheriff’s 23rd Annual Christmas Food Drive, December 4

For over two decades, the Chippewa County Sheriff’s office and Chippewa County Board Commissioner Scott Shackleton have teamed up this time of year collecting food, toys, and funds for those259476769 1992031244293074 8923782557590005 N who could use some extra help.

December 4 marks the 23rd Annual Christmas Food Drive. It will be held in the Walmart parking lot and at Pats Foods in Sault Ste. Marie. Last year was a record year for receiving food, and that shows the generosity of the community. But, the generosity also comes from the volunteers.

“We get our deputies and corrections officers…they donate their time,” said Sheriff Mike Bitnar. “There are a lot of us that are pretty lucky…and a lot of us that struggle. We will be there to help collect. If it wasn’t for the community, we would not be collecting anything. They call it God’s County for a reason, besides the area, the people are just amazing!”.

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