eFulfillment Service in Traverse City Gearing Up For Holiday Shopping

EFulfillment Service in Traverse City is working to fill online holiday shopping orders and has been for 20 years.

“We work with eBay sellers, Amazon sellers, those who have their own store,” said Steve Bulger, Chief Operating Officer at eFulfillment Service. “We tie in with their e-commerce platform pulling their orders and shipping them out of their warehouse.”

From just Black Friday and Cyber Monday alone in 2020, eFulfillment Service received 33,000 fulfillment orders, but they’re expecting a lot less this year.

Bulger says the supply chain shortage goes beyond container vessels not getting inventory onshore but the lack of truck drivers to get the inventory to fulfillment facilities. Bulger also says the supply change shortage impacts the manufacturing level when COVID-19 outbreaks and lockdowns delay their clients since their products need parts from dozens of other countries.

But eFulfillment Service is making sure on their end gifts make it under your tree.

They hired 40 workers just for the holidays by offering incentives, including sign-on and attendance bonuses and higher wages.