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Crystal Mountain Firing Up 167 Snow Machines to Get Ready for Ski Season

Crystal 1

Ski resorts in Northern Michigan aim to be open by Thanksgiving, but that isn’t the case this year.

The ideal conditions to make snow are 28 degrees, low humidity, barometric pressure and winds out of the east or north.

Thursday night, these conditions were met, and Crystal Mountain fired up their snow machines for the first time this season.

In about 48 hours, the snow machines can blanket the mountain with a foot of snow, but Crystal Mountain doesn’t usually open until a base of two feet.

“We have 167 snow guns. Some of those are permanent, and some of those are portable,” said Sammie Lukaskiewicz, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Crystal Mountain. “We strategically place those throughout our trails so we can ensure as many lifts and as many trials as possible. It’s very strategic to spread people out and get the place open as early as we can”

Crystal Mountain hopes to be open by the first weekend in December and recommends