North Coast Homecoming Attracting Traverse City Visitors to Become Permanent Residents

Instead of opting for the bar on Thanksgiving Eve, some people chose to network.

Tuesday night was the 5th annual North Coast Homecoming event, showcasing Traverse City’s business and entrepreneurial community.

“We’re a world-class tourism location, and we should cherish that. But what a lot of people don’t realize, it’s we’re also a world-class place to live,” said Warren Call, President, and CEO of TC Connect.

That’s the message Michigan’s Creative Coast and TC New Tech are hoping to get across to visitors in the area for Thanksgiving at the annual event.

Call says Traverse City is a great place to build a career, find a new job, start a new business, and have a great quality of life.

Fourteen Businesses in the Traverse City area showcased what they can offer to possible employees, including Britton, Black Star Farms and TentCraft.

“There’s a lot of manufacturing here that people don’t realize, and there are things made here in Traverse City that are made nowhere else in the world. It’s a great community to grow business again,” said Kelly Ignace, President of TC New Tech.

Chris Heileman was at the event networking to expand his business consulting services from Grand Rapids to Traverse City.

I’ve met a couple of business owners and leaders already and made some good connections,” said Heileman.

While you can attract talent to the area, there’s no question housing is hard to come by.

“We’re working with our state legislature to help hopefully develop some, some new policies that will increase housing,” said Call. “We also are working on developing those skilled trades, talent workforce that really helps with the building.”

All with one goal to make sure Traverse City prospers for years to come.

“What I think we will see for the future of Traverse City is a dynamic, year-round economy that provides great jobs with our quality of life matching the career opportunities for our local population,” said Warren.