Longtime Cadillac Volunteer Earns Key to the City

Northern Michigan is a collection of small tight-knit communities and in almost every one, there are those people that just seem to go above and beyond their call to make their town everything it can be.

For Cadillac, one of those people is Pat Goggin. Thursday he was honored for his dedication to the community.

“When we think about who we are going to reach out to, it’s Pat Goggin,” said Carla Filkins, mayor of Cadillac.Key To The City Vsv 11 25 2100 00 29 24still001

Around Cadillac, Goggin professionally has been known as a business owner and executive director of the United Way of Wexford and Missaukee Counties. But to the community, he has been so much more.

“He just loves this community so much,” said Filkins, “And he’s just non-stop.”

With his family in town for the holiday, the city wanted to thank their busiest resident.

“It was just perfect that this was Thanksgiving because we wanted to come and say thank you,” said Filkins during the presentation, “I also want to, as your retirement package, present you with the key to the city of Cadillac.”

Goggin has been involved in almost every community event brought to Cadillac. Without pay, without a need to be recognized. Just to grow the community.

“This doesn’t enter the picture of why you do things, it’s just to make it a better place,” said Goggin, “That’s what I try to impress upon, particularly the young crowd that 30 and 40-year-olds, we talk to them often about getting involved and doing things and making the town. Now it’s your turn.”

Since his family moved to town in 1995, Goggin has been involved.

“You feel better about yourself when you’re involved and you’re helping create a better community,” said Goggin. “It’s very important to have these kinds of activities to bring the community together to keep people engaged.”

Goggin showed you can make your community your own, no matter where you were born.

“Someone once said when we first moved here that, ‘You’ll never be accepted because you weren’t born here,’” said Goggin, “I wish I could find that person. I wish I could remember who it was because I’d like to tell them that is absolutely not true.”