Traverse City Family Practice Moves To “Bigger And Better” Location

West Front Primary Care in Traverse City opened their doors to their new location at 4290 Copper Ridge Rd. After working for months, the private family practice upgraded their facility to help better serve their patients and staff.

“What we hope is that the technologies that we put into this, will last for decades to come… and we’ll be able to provide that patient care efficiently, effectively, and in a healthy way, that patients will benefit from,” said Dr. Goodwin, a family physician at West Front Primary Care.

The private practice’s newest location is just around four minutes from their previous one.

“It was actually really exciting to have something to look forward to in the midst of COVID,” said Dr. Tina Metropoulos. “It’s obviously been a stressful time for everyone and we are really grateful that we get to serve our patients.”

The goal of the new space is to create a more cohesive layout for patients and staff.

“The new space we created is open, it has a better patient flow, which improves the experience for patients from start to finish,” said Dr. Metropoulos. “And then the staff themselves get to have improved work experience and satisfaction as well… just a better space and the ability to work more cohesively as a team.”

The new facility is also offering radiology imaging, something they didn’t have at their previous location.

“I think we want to take the West Front Team, which has been well established in this community for years and move it forward into our next wave of patient care,” said Metropoulos. “In this space, we hope to highlight all the beauty of Northern Michigan and continue to provide great primary care.”

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