One Up XP Show Podcast: Adam Antor

Since I have started these podcasts I was told by numerous guests that you have to have this guy on. “Hey talk to Adam! Look into getting Adam on your show! Hey when you get the chance DM Adam and sit down with him!”

OK! I hear you! We finally have got Coach Adam Antor on the show….and now I understand why they were all telling me to get this man on the show! Adam turns things to gold! Whether it is setting up one of the very first Michigan High School Esports programs or building the Aquinas program from the ground up, this man takes hard
work to the next level. He has mentored several pros, coaches and Esports personalities. He has now taken his talents to Lakeland Florida!

Now coaching at Florida Southern College he is looking to rebuild and put the Moccasins on the map! Adam is fresh off his bid for Collegiate Ambassador of the Year, we sit down with Adam and pick his brain about everything that is collegiate Esports! Enjoy!

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