Interlochen Arts Academy Concert At Garden Theater

The Garden Theater in Frankfort will host its first live event since newly renovating its stage. The first guests will be Interlochen Arts Academy students from the Contemporary Music Department who will put on a showcase, Friday, at 7:30 pm.

This will be the first time Interlochen students will perform at the historic venue after months of renovations.

Contemporary Music

“This is going to be the first time this year that we’ve performed off campus and that’s something we really didn’t get to experience last year,” says Cameron Suber, who plays saxophone in the jazz band. “This being my second year and with covid and all the restrictions that were going on. We didn’t get any outside of school performance opportunities.”

Members from the Jazz, Popular Music, Music Production and Singer/Songwriter programs will perform several arrangements including music from their last concert and some pieces written by their director, Josh Lawrence. This will give singer-songwriters a chance to perform for a new audience.

Some students may feel nervous about the chance to perform in front of a live audience, off campus and for the first time at The Garden Theater. Others are more excited than anxious.

“I find new spaces to be some of the most exciting to perform just because I’ve never heard myself in that space and never rehearsed in that spot or created music. While improvising, some of the best stuff comes out,” says Suber.

Students have been rehearsing for nearly a month for this showcase. Three of the songs from the last concert, a Motown theme, will be performed in an exaggerated style with costumes and all.

“We’ve been practicing this, these songs, for such a long time and we’ve all gotten really comfortable with performing with each other and interacting with each other,” says Singer/Songwriter, Sam Cronin. “I’m excited for the audience to see how much fun we’re actually having.”
Interlochen SingerThe concert is 7:30, November 26, at The Garden Theater. Tickets can be bought here.
The Garden Theater opened back up to the public last month after renovations were completed. In June, the building underwent a large restoration project which included a brand new roof, stage extension and new ADA compliant bathrooms. Non-profit, Friends of the Garden Theater, bought the building with a mission to preserve the theater for 100 more years. The goal is to expand the programs beyond the movie house and bring more arts and culture to Benzie County.