Traverse City Bars Prepping for Biggest Bar Night of the Year

Thanksgiving eve is traditionally the biggest night out of the year.

Of course, bars were not allowed to be open last year due to the pandemic, but that’s not the case this year.

“There are still some precautions that we need to take as a society in terms of COVID-19 and all of that. But the fact that we can be open for 100% capacity is huge,” said Calvin Marois, Front of House Manager at 7 Monks.

It’s a big deal for bars to even be open 7 Monks in Traverse City did a little extra work to be ready for the biggest bar night of the year.

“We did a bit more ordering in terms of food and beer kegs,” said Marois. “We also did a little bit more ordering for our bottled beers this year, mainly just to make sure that we have enough and that our coolers look excellent for people coming in from out of town.”

Kilkenny’s Irish Public House is also ready for the biggest bar night of the year, but it hasn’t come without some challenges.

“There’s a lot of shortages going on. we’ve been substituting in quite a few things lately, running short with things that we just can’t get, and there’s no substitution,” said Barb Tulgetske, Manager at Kilkenny’s Irish Public House. “When things that have been out and do become available, we’ve been trying to order a lot more. We pretty much have what we need at this point to get us through the night at least.”

Kilkenny’s also trained their staff to handle large crowds.

“We’re just trying to have people keep their eyes open, look for people that look like they’ve had too much thighs are getting droopy, slurring of the words,” said Tulgetske.

Being fully staffed and ready for Wednesday is a sign of triumph in the pandemic for both bars.

“It’s definitely not easy. We’re going on two years of it, so we’re kind of rolling with we kind of help each other get through it,” said Tulgetske.

“We all have each other’s back, and we do what we can to help each other out and give each other high fives and attaboys,” said Marois. “Just being here for each other and the customers.”

Kilkenny’s Irish Public House will be operating under capacity, but 7 Monks will be at total capacity.