Sault Ste. Marie Market Makes a Difference in their Community With Some Warmth This Season

Up in The Soo, there’s a store that not only provides friendly customer service, but also a different kind of warmth. A couple of years ago, the owners of Neville’s Market saw people walking byCoats without warm clothing on during the winter. So, in the front of their store, they started a “Take a Hat or a Pair of Gloves” rack – or leave a pair.

This year, they added jackets to the program.

“People can come and take them,” said Neville’s Market co-owner, Wendy Cook.  “We do not even talk to them. We do not want to know their stories or their backgrounds.  It’s just there for them to come and take.  All we care about is that they have warmth.  People can come and help themselves.”

Click here to learn more about their program and the store.

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