Benzie Central Raises Money for Thanksgiving Meals

Every year around Thanksgiving, Benzie Central High School National Honor Society sponsors families in need of meals.

“I think it’s just a great way to give back to our community and to raise school spirit,” says senior and NHS Parliamentarian, Maya Musgrave.

DonationsThe four grades raised over $400. Seniors won the ‘Cash Wars’ by raising $329.

Money was collected by students dropping change inside a locker for their designated grade over a series of weeks.

However, this year’s fundraiser had a twist. Students in all four grades competed for a chance to throw a pie in the face of a teacher, Matt Olson.

Money will go towards providing four families with all the ingredients they need for a Thanksgiving meal.

“I think everybody in the community has just been feeling the effects of COVID, and especially since the pandemic has been going on a lot longer than we thought,” says Kirsten Cline, Benzie High School National Honor Society Adviser. “It’s just really important to support those who are in need and make sure that everybody is happy and healthy and taken care of.”

The fundraiser is an example of the four pillars of NHS – scholarship, leadership, character and service.

“We’re giving back to our own” says Cline. “We’re displaying leadership by raising money and doing all of the shopping, and we’re improving our character and it’s just giving back. And scholarship, when students have a full belly studies show that it’s proven that they are ready to learn.”

Recipients are identified by the district and will receive their meals Tuesday. The needs are not always financial.

“Somebody may have just recently moved or maybe even had a baby, and it’s just really difficult to try to go shopping and cook right now,” says Cline. “We’re looking for different needs that our families would have and making sure that we can support them, throughout the entire school district.”Olson Pie In The Face