A Look Into The Grand Traverse County Road Commission

When driving in the winter, you probably don’t think about who keeps the roads clear.

Traverse City is one area that receives a large amount of lake-effect snow each year.

With high winds and snowfall expected tonight and tomorrow, Grand Traverse County Road Commission Manager Brad Kluczynski’s crew is ready and alert.

“We are ready to go with 30 people, on and about plowing during any major snow event, we have 30 routes,” Kluczynski said.

The road commission is responsible for maintaining about 1000 miles of roads.

They also accumulate a lot of sand and salt throughout the year to prepare for the season.

The mountain of salt currently sitting in their barn measures out to about 9,500 to 10,000 tons—and that may only last them through the end of January.

A lot of the truck drivers have to sacrifice time with their family around the holidays as well.

“We have our guys running pretty much from Thanksgiving Day, all the way through the first of the year,” Kluczynski said. “Some of the guys work 35 days in a row without taking a day off.”

The Grand Traverse County Road Commission is ready for any amount of snow this winter.Getfileattachment

“With as warm as the bay is, we’re expecting a pretty good winter, with some definite lake-effect snow,” Kluczynski said. “We take great pride in our roads here, to make sure that everything is clear.”