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Wellness for the Family: In-season Highlight- Sweet Potatoes

Wellness For The Family

Sweet potatoes are a fall favorite, pairing perfectly with the baking spices of the season.

They’re also famous for offering up a few more nutrients than their white counterpart by packing in more vitamin C, beta carotene and fiber. Offering up a mix of soluble and insoluble fiber, sweet potatoes support digestive health and feeds healthy gut bacteria with prebiotics.

Moreover, the beta carotene that gives the veggie its famously golden color acts as an antioxidant and is converted to vitamin A in the body. 

Sweet potatoes’ fiber content makes them filling and an excellent side dish for any meal of the day. Though this golden fall crop is packed in nutrients, watch for the ingredients many recipes call for alongside it. Watch out for added sugar, butter and marshmallows. Instead, rely on the natural sweetness of the potatoes and keep the saturated fat to a minimum.

Want to make the most of sweet potatoes this season? Try one of these recipes:

  • Upscaled Sweet Potato Fries
  • Sriracha-lime Sweet Potato Morning Bowl

For more wellness tips, tricks, and recipes from Blue Cross Blue Shield dietitian, Shanthi Appelo, .

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