Remembering Alyn Bell: The Last Surviving Member of 390th WWII Air Force Squadron

“He enjoyed skiing and boating and golf, everything.”

“He had so many stories, he’d keep you up for all hours of the night.” 

Alyn Bell… Alyn Bell 1

He was a husband, father, grandfather, and friend.

“He and I were together for over 30 years.” 

Diane bell is Alyn’s wife. As she remembers her late husband, she shares his allegiance to his country.

“I think that he actually served 3 or maybe 4 years. He flew b25s in the Philippines.”

He was the last surviving member of the 390th WWII Air Force Squadron.

 “His last mission, over in the Philippines, he was flying and the President sent out a message to everybody saying ‘do not drop your bombs, the war is over.'”

“He was always proud of being a veteran. He always wore his veteran hats. He suffered his fair share of medical issues, but you would never know it. He just had the most positive outlook on life,” says friend, Rick Cover.

Even during some of the more difficult times,

“2001, just about the time of the World Trade Center, Alyn had a stroke, and in his stroke he was left completely paralyzed on his left side. We didn’t let that stop us,” says Bell. 

“He had friends everywhere. Alyn was a very sociable guy, in fact I think he only went and got medical care because he liked talking to the medical staff,” says Rick Cover, as we laugh about Alyn’s talent to keep a conversation going with just about anyone. 

Friends like Rick and Susan Cover.

“I’m a retired physician and I used to go over and help dress his wounds, and things like that and basically Alyn just wanted the company and wanted to tell some more stories.”

Susan Cover reminisces, “One of my favorite stories that Diane would say, because he always wore his WWII vet hat, and she said ‘that damn hat, he only wears that damn hat bc every time we go out to eat, everybody buys his meals for him.”

Alyn Bell 2Always loved—

I ask Diane, “What would you tell him if he was still here today?”

“Well, I can tell ya, he would be doing all the talking, he liked to talk.”

And never forgotten.

“I just didn’t get a chance to say goodbye,” says Susan Cover, starting to cry. 

“We had a wonderful life together. I miss him a lot,” says Bell.

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