Petoskey Locals Start an Annual Challenge to Raise Money for Our Veterans

“Things get hard, and you don’t want to take another step”

As co-owners of specialized sports training in Petoskey– Grant Tracy and Rob Beigle are used to pushing their limits.

“It’s a mental game. You know you’re gonna get tired, you know you’re gonna be sore, you know you’re gonna get uncomfortable but it’s the mental sign of you know you gotta keep pushing.”

They wanted to really push themselves. Img 5830

Beigle tells us, “In honor of Veterans Day, we do a 50 mile log carry. The log weighs 100 pounds and it’s something we’ve been doing for a couple years. In challenges like this, when you’re doing it for something greater than yourself, and the impact that sometimes you have, that you have no idea about.”

They are raising money for the wounded warrior project– with a goal of ten thousand dollars.

“I’ve never actually sacrificed for my country like that, and I’m so grateful for those that have. I’ve never been able to bring myself to do that,” says Tracy.

They have done this challenge before, but this year, it’s going to be a little different…

“So to make this a little more challenging, we thought you know, let’s push the limits a little bit and put a time frame on it. Because if the anniversary if 9/11, what a better way to do it than 9 p.m. through 11 a.m.”

Doing it in the dark, while no one else is there or can see them, just like many of the veterans that serve our country.

And this 100 pound log has even more significance —

“And that’s why having those names on the log is super helpful because we could look right on our shoulder and it’s like we’re doing it for them, and all those people that we actually can’t see, and the people that are currently serving and the people that have done so much,” says Tracy.

We may not know them all,

But they say– we owe them all.

Img 5828“It’s a great reminder but it’s a day and you enjoy those freedoms everyday.”

You are welcome to come cheer them on– or even join in on the challenge with them!

“For people to come down, they can walk with us. We’ll have the 2020 log there so if some veterans want to come along side and carry a log next to us, they’re more than happy to.”

And as we stop to think about our veterans, and thank them for their service, Rob and Grant are ready keep doing this for years to come.

Tracy tells us, “We were able to raise four thousand dollars last year, and that just kinda sparked the idea. Well there’s no going back now, let’s just continue to move this forward and here we are again trying to push the amount that we can raise and push the limits on what we can do with the log.”

Beigle says, “There is no stop now. It’s a matter of, keep going and seeing what you can continue to do.”

To donate to the Wounded Warrior Project, CLICK HERE.


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